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Experience innovation through design

We at Upaya Tech strive to deliver the best possible design innovated according to your demands. Our designs are original and appealing while also delivering a concern for the aesthetics. 

Receive design according to the element

Graphic designing can be an arduous task when required for varying objects. We at Upaya Tech provide designs optimized according to where it’s required.


We provide unique artworks

Here at Upaya Tech, we do not just design abstracts and images. We pride ourselves in being able to digitize handmade sketches that are unique onto themselves. 

our graphic design services

Identity Design

Logo, Wordmark, Key colors, Corporate typefaces, Standard typography

Branding Design

Vehicle branding, Event branding, Poster, Flyer, Banner, Office Signage, Ad design

Print Design

Business card, Brochure, Label and Packaging, Vinyl wrap, Leaflet, Letterhead, Postcard, Business Profile, Footwear, Clothing

Stationery Design

Pen, Calendar, Notebook, Diary, Mugs, Highlighter, Marker,

receive our graphic design service

Let us help you receive the best graphic design services.

Website development

website best suited for you

We at Upaya Tech make sure to understand your website requirements and offer suggestions according to your needs. Our websites fulfill their requisites and meet expectations. 

User experience at its finest

We do not develop websites just to fulfill its needs. Here at Upaya Tech, we prioritize functionality and aim to deliver the best possible user experience through our websites.

remain responsive across devices

We make sure our websites remain responsive across all devices so that you do not have to worry about accessing it through mobile or stationary devices.

our website services

Website design

Website Layout, Color scheme, Illustrator design, Typography, Widget scheme, Blog handle

Website Management

Content Management System, Database Management, Blog/News update, Feature addition/update,

Website Development

Online Shopping/ Ordering/ Payment, Event Booking System, Event Calendar, Mobile Optimized Website, Reactive Website

Web Hosting

Domain Registration, Website hosting, Mailbox Accounts, WordPress usability, Storage

Make your ideal website

Let us help you create your best possible website

DIgital marketing

Boost your digital presence

At Upaya Tech, we help you boost your presence in the digital world. We shall assist in popularizing you across the internet through various tools and media such as social media marketing and E-mail marketing.

Data Analytics

Successful marketing does not just include boosting your popularity. The real test of marketing is actually popularizing you among the target audience. Here at Upaya Tech, we help you do just that through in depth data analysis. 

Search marketing tactics

Upaya Tech provides every search marketing tactic necessary to help your digital marketing. We offer SEO, SEM, LSM etc.

our digital marketing services

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, MySpace

Email Marketing

Email List Building, Email Optimization, Content Management, Subscriber Management

Search Marketing Tactics

SEO,SEM, LSM, Marketing Automation

Content Marketing

Video, Graphic Design, Audience Analysis, Mobile Content

Boost your digital presence

Let us help popularize you in the digital market