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Take your first step towards an unparalleled digital solutions experience. We are here to solve any and all of your digital marketing, graphic designing, web development and software development problems. You just ask, and we shall provide. 

Our services

Digital Marketing

Our marketing schemes and contents are guaranteed to boost your brand

Software Development

We develop software and applications based on your requirements

Graphic Design

We intend our designs to draw out a single response from all or clients: “WOW!!”

Web Development

We develop web pages optimally designed according to your preference 

What else do we provide?

Web Hosting

We provide hosting services for your website

Software development

We develop software of all types and demands

Videography and Animation

We provide creative video and animation services

About Us

Envisioned to digitize the field of marketing, Upaya Tech. provides services to be in lieu of traditional marketing solutions. Upaya Tech aims to provide effective digital marketing solution through robust and innovative schemes at an affordable price. In an age where social media and internet seems to be the crux of entrepreneurship and business, digital marketing has become a mandatory part of all establishments. Hence in light of recent trends which are also predicted to continue in the foreseeable future, Upaya Tech was established to promote and provide high end digital marketing services optimized according to priority and preference of its client.


"We ensure positive employee engagement"

We at Upaya Tech believe that in order for partnerships to prosper, there needs to be an interactive relationship between us and our customers. Since information and interaction prevents misunderstandings, we prioritize listening and understanding customer requirements to the fullest.

"Customer satisfaction is our biggest priority"

We believe that customer satisfaction is the fundamental requisite for all service companies. Customer satisfaction is our primary responsibility and we spare no resource in order to best provide it.

"Our client’s success correlates to our success"

        If they are successful, so are we. Here at Upaya Tech, we go above and beyond the normal scope that other companies go in order to ensure that our clients are successful.

"Innovation needs to be practiced, not just theorized"

           William Pollard once stated that ‘Innovation and learning go hand in hand. It is the arrogance of success to think that what you did yesterday will be successful tomorrow’. Here at Upaya Tech we aim to establish an innovative culture, which can transcend primitive methods to achieve efficiency.


How we do things

Upaya Tech is the solution to all your marketing and designing problems. We deliver on well contemplated marketing strategies which are bound to enhance your brand among competition. 

1. We listen

2. We plan

4. we design

5. we deliver

  • We listen
  • We Plan
  • We Design
  • We Deliver

We believe that one of the sincerest forms of respect is listening to what another has to say. Hence before delivering a pitch, we listen to what our clients have to say. 

Every successful project is built upon an in depth and foolproof plan. Here at Upaya Tech, we dedicate ourselves on determining and developing the perfect plan for each project.

Although functionality is very essential, an attractive design helps any content or project stand out. Keeping that in mind, we at Upaya Tech aim to provide functionality through brilliant design.

After thorough evaluation of the designed project, we reevaluate it once more. Once we decide that the project is on par with the requisite standards, we deliver it to our clients.

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